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Operates an LNG liquefaction process train, control DCS panel and LNG process and supports Liquefaction Supervisor and Operations group in the overall smooth and continuous operations of large LNG Liquefaction facility, which includes 2 Marine/Ship loading docks, 3 LNG liquefaction trains and 3 LNG refrigerated storage tank. The DCS operator [s] must be thoroughly familiar the LNG process and ensures the process train under his responsibility is operated within design limitations and at peak performance. Incumbent provides local oversight for all process operations within the Liquefaction facility. Position also provides start up and commissioning support to both Operations and Liquefaction by overseeing various engineering and business-related activities and objectives.

The incumbent [s] are required to have several years of DCS operating preferably on the APCI liquefaction process. Other DCS experience such as either operating experience on the Optimized Cascade liquefaction, Dual MR or other LNG processes or other similar process experience such as large ethylene or methanol complex experience will be considered. Incumbent must acquire a full understanding of the natural gas flow from the upstream Pre-treatment section, and must gain the ability to understand, troubleshoot and resolve interface operational issues between PTF and the LQF facility. 

Essential Functions & Duties/Responsibilities

Provides technical direction & guidance to his team, while managing the DCS board and fill the required daily operating logs and applies the daily and monthly operating instructions for and with the Liquefaction operating personnel assigned to the position
Performs other instructions or information as it applies to the technical expertise center, the energy/gas control personnel  or as requested by the Liquefaction Supervisor, Superintendent or Management
Supports financial efforts for Liquefaction Operations by ensuring that the plant is operated and maintained in the most efficient manner in order to maintain and reduce Operating costs and will be instrumental in establishing KPIs in this area.
Monitors daily the on shift LQF Operations by following up on the entire FLNG operating chain from PL to Export of LNG  by investigating all  operating excursions, and follow-up & correction
Will assess the training of Operating personnel and will participate in the effort to provide remedial training to other field personnel including “lessons learned” and or near miss operating errors
Promotes and practices the Concept of a “Learning Organization” where the entire organization learns not only from their own mistakes but from mistakes in other plants or industry
Troubleshoot, corrects, and improve plant operation and performance by engaging the participation of all shift personnel in this quest and by investigating all plant incidents and trips
Participates in all required emergency drills and ensures that these are carried out in a timely and professional fashion
Participates in the FLNG organization and will strive to be “Best In class” in the reliable operations of the FLNG asset by participating in goals and objectives in order to meet or surpasses established benchmark the LNG industry
Must be able to drive a motor vehicle in order to perform the duties required

Minimum Qualifications/Work Experience
Minimum Required:   


Required Knowledge/Skills/Abilities

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