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  Regas Terminal  
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The regasification terminal can be divided into three sections. The first includes the LNG receiving facility, docking facilities, associated piping and equipment. The second section consists of the LNG storage. The third section includes the vaporization facility and associated piping and equipment.

The LNG receiving facility consists of a marine maneuvering area, a protected berth and a marine dock. At peak usage rates, around 150 large LNG carriers per year would be able to offload their cargo at this receiving facility, or approximately one every other day.



The LNG flows from the receiving facility into the two LNG storage tanks where it is stored in a liquid state at less than 4 psig of pressure until it is sent through pipes to the vaporization units. Regasification of the LNG occurs in vertical shell and tube-type exchangers using a water and glycol solution to achieve the desired warming temperature. As part of the process Freeport LNG utilizes an innovative “warming” air tower to minimize air emissions. Once warmed, pipeline-quality natural gas is then put into the send-out pipeline to be delivered to customers.